Make A Service Appointment

By using this form you can notify us that you would like to make a service appointment to have some work done on your bike.

Making an appointment allows us to get your bike back to you much more quickly than just dropping it off and leaving it with us as a walk in customer.

Once your appointment is made and scheduled you will drop your bike or bikes off on your scheduled day and we will do our very best to get your bike back to you within 48 hours , sometimes quicker depending on the job at hand.

In season this can get you back on your bike several days quicker , doesn't that sound good ?

An appointment is suggested for jobs such as tune-ups , overhauls , drivetrain replacement , fittings , packaging etc.

Walk in drop offs are still fine but an appointment gets your bike back to you quicker.

Or call the shop at 781-326-1531 to make your appointment.


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