Bontrager Wheels and Wheelsets

Bontrager wheels are some of the most dependable and capable bike wheels on the market. These light-weight, sturdy hoops are the perfect upgrade for the riders looking to get more out of their bike. Check out our selection and a few of our favorites.

"Bontrager Road Wheels"

Road Bike Wheels

Whether you are preparing for a race or a Sunday group ride, you need a reliable wheelset that will stand up to your demands mile after mile. Bontrager road wheels are dependable, high-performance wheels at great prices, so pick yours up and see the difference.

"Mountain Bike Wheels"

Mountain Bike Wheels

No matter the terrain or how you're riding it, a tough wheelset you can count on can make a huge difference in ride quality. When you're riding better, you're having more fun. Plain and simple. Bontrager's mountain bike wheelsets will stand the abuse you put them through, and keep a smile on your face. 

Bontrager Road Wheels

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Bontrager Race Lite Wheels

Bontrager's Race Lite Wheels are incredibly durable and high-performing on the road. Light and strong, this wheel set is a great choice for riders looking to upgrade their wheelset without breaking the bank. Take these stylish wheels home for just $450!

Bontrager wheels: built to last

Still need convincing that Bontrager's wheels are worth the investment? Check out this video that highlights Bontrager's relentless attention to detail and dedication to ride quality.

Financing Options

Found the perfect wheelset but not sure how to make them yours? We offer financing options that will allow you to ride those new wheels as you pay them off. Interested in financing your new wheels or bike? Apply Here

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