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Carbon Fiber Bikes

"carbon fiber bikes"

In the market for a new carbon bicycle?

By now, you may have heard that carbon fiber bikes are the way to go. With incredible strength to weight ratios and dreamlike ride quality, a bike made with carbon will be lighter and ride better than every other frame material. In the past titanium, steel and aluminum were the buzzwords when it came to bike buying but not any longer due to carbon fiber's amazing ride qualities. Today you can buy almost any style bicycle with a carbon frame and fork, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid style bikes and even electric bikes! Maybe you're wondering how bike makers manage to make all this happen? Well we can answer that for you below!

"carbon fiber road bike"

Carbon Road Bikes

If speed and comfort are your thing than look no further than a road bike with a full carbon fiber bike frame. 

Due to it's super low weight a carbon fiber road bike will fly up the hills, leaving your friends on steel and aluminum bikes in the dust.

Plan on going for long rides? The miles will pass by in the blink of an eye and with comfort, no more painful rides for you!

One of carbon's best qualities is it's abilities to dampen road buzz that makes our hands get sore as well as our back sides and feet too.

Price you may ask? Plan on spending around $1500 or so to get started.

"carbon fiber mountain bike"

Carbon Mountain Bikes

So, what is the best frame material for a mountain bike today? The answer is carbon fiber.

Due it's near bombproof durability and low weight a carbon fiber mountain bike will beat out all contenders in weight and strength.

Yep, believe it or not a mountain bike made from carbon is more durable than say steel or aluminum. It can't corrode and it doesn't dent like it's sibling frame materials.

So go for the carbon fiber mountain bike over all others if budget allows.

What is the cost? Plan on laying out around 3k for these wonder bikes.

"carbon hybrid bike"

Carbon Hybrid Bikes

Looking for the best in performance and weight savings but don't want a road bike?

Well, you're going to want to check out a carbon fiber hybrid bike my friends.

Sharing the same amazing lightweight carbon fiber frame as a road bike but with a more comfortable upright riding position like a mountain bike.

How does this happen? By using a flat or riser handlebar you are put in a similar position to that of a Mtn. bike or comfort hybrid.

So, more comfort but with all the speed and weight savings of a carbon road bike!

"carbon fiber electric bike"

Carbon Electric Bikes

Wait, there's such a thing as an ebike made from carbon?

Indeed, you can now buy a carbon fiber electric bike!

Several of our top brands are now producing carbon ebikes, including Trek, Cannondale, Haro and others.

So let's review, light and electrified? What's not to like about that?

Be the first on your block to get these two amazing technologies in one awesome package!

Carbon Bikes On Sale

How Is A Carbon Fiber Bike Made?

You may wondering how do you make a bike from carbon fiber?

Well it's no easy feat to be honest.

Watch this cool video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network as they tour the LOOK Bicycles factory to find out more about the process.

We think it's pretty darn cool!

How about you?