The Best Bikes Under $500

"best bikes under 500"

Shopping For Bikes On A $500 Budget Can Be Hard!

Are you in the market for a new bicycle but don't have a huge amount of money to spend?

Have you been told that you can't buy a bike shop quality bike for less than five hundred bucks?

Well we're about to show you that you can have your cake and eat it too!


And no, we're not going to send you to a mass merchant or Amazon!

We care too much about your well being to do such a thing. So....

We've broken things down into the best mountain bikes, best road bikes and best hybrid bikes for you.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

These bikes are our suggested options for entry level trail or "mountain bikes". They are designed for light off road use and just getting around on. Entry level mountain bikes also make great bikes for shorter commutes!

"breezer storm"

Breezer Storm - Sale! $419.99

The Storm is a great entry level mountain bike. It is currently on sale for $419.99 from it's original $499.99 price.

Lightweight and responsive on the road or trail.

It's made up of a well designed aluminum frame and an XCT suspension fork with 100mm of travel.

A shimano drivetrain handles the shifting while WTB and Oval parts make up the rest of the bike.

This a great oppotunity to get a bike shop quality bike at a big savings. Available in 29er or 27.5 wheel sizes.

Storm 29           Storm 27.5

"trek marlin 5"

Trek Marlin 5 - $499.99

Designed for the rider that is looking to dabble with some slightly more aggressive off road riding or commuting and just plans on being more aggressive with the bike in general.

It uses an upgraded aluminum frame for 2018 and hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power.

The drivetrain consists of Shimano Tourney and Altus parts.

Front suspension duty is handled by a SR Suntour XCE fork.

Bontrager bits and pieces make up the rest of the bike.

In our opinion there is no better sub $500 mountain bike out there. Available in mens or ladies versions.

"trek marlin four"

Trek Marlin 4 - $439.99

If you're looking to get on a Trek but are on a tighter budget then the Marlin 4 is your bike. The 4 is a slightly toned down version of the Marlin 5. Great for bouncing around town and so much more.

A high quality aluminum frame that uses slightly less tech than the Marlin 5. A tad bit heavier with less funky shaping.

Mechanical disc brakes and Suntour forks are standout parts picks. Shimano drivetrain pieces and Bontrager components round things out.

The Marlin 4 is a tough one to beat if you're looking at bikes under $450.00.

The Best Road Bikes Under $500

We've picked out our favorite sub $500 road bikes and added one slightly more pricey option because it rocks. Entry level road bikes are great for commuting, working out or the occasional long ride.

"fuji ace 650"

Fuji Ace 650 - Sale! $349.99

The Ace 650 from Fuji is the perfect bike for folks that aren't just short on budget but short in stature. With it's 650c wheels this affordable road bike is designed for shorter riders!

If you are on the smaller side and have struggled with finding a bike to fit you look no further. Also, if you have a child who has shown interest in road cycling here's their bike!

The Fuji Ace is also available in a 24" wheel option for the young riders amongst us!

"fuji track bike"

Fuji Track - $499.99

The Fuji Track bike is a single speed road bike designed to be simple and needing less maintenance.

Due to it's one gear and lack of shifters etc. the Track is a great bike for commuters and college students alike.

Made from lightweight steel tubing the bike is super durable and comfy to ride and is great for city or campus use.

The Fuji Track can be set up as a "fixie" or run as a freewheeling single speed depending on your needs.

"fuji finest 2.1 womens"

Fuji Finest 2.1 - Sale! $559.99

We felt we needed to add the Finest to this list even though it's a tad over $500. It's a great deal for a high value entry level road bike form Fuji.

The bike runs a lightweight aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork for sub $600.00! Not many bikes out there can say that!

Shimano Claris & Sora parts handle the shifting and breaking while Oval parts cover the rest of the bits and pieces. 

This is a legit lightweight road bike that will give you miles of smiles.

The Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Hybrids are great for getting around town, commuting or just smelling the roses. A hybrid is a "do everything" bike, they can be ridden on pavement, gravel and very tame single track trails and are easily accessorized.

"trek fx 2 mens hybrid"

Trek FX 2 - $499.99

The FX 2 from Trek is our best selling hybrid. Folks love it for it's super light ride and weight as well as it's durability.

The FX 2 can be easily set up with racks, fenders and bike lights to become an inexpensive commuter bike or long rider.

Decked out with Shimano components and Bontrager bits and pieces the FX 2 should be your go to fitness hybrid.

Available in mens or ladies models.

FX 2 Mens       FX 2 Womens

"mens breezer liberty 2.5"

Breezer Liberty 2.5 - $449.99

The Liberty 2.5 from Breezer bikes is a no hassle, easy to ride hybrid. Available in mens or ladies in one color way, simple and easy.

Aluminum and lightweight, the Liberty is a blast to ride. With it's hybrid tires and geometry it can handle the rigors of commuting or rail trail riding with ease.

Complete with a 24 speed gear set up and 700 x 32c tires to get you where you want to go.

"trek verve 1 mens"

Trek Verve 1 - $409.99

The Trek Verve series is our go to set up for "comfort hybrids" due to their crazy comfortable ride and upright positioning.

Super lightweight and easy to ride due to it's 700x40c tires the Verve 1 is a favorite among folks just looking to get out for some fresh air and the occasional longer ride or commute.

The Verve 1 is the first in the series and is available in either men's or ladies models.

Let's Wrap Things Up Shall We

So now that we've given you some of our favorite and best bikes under $500 let's get a few things straight.

  • The bikes we have listed here are all bike shop quality bikes, not low quality products made for cheap mass consumption.

  • These bikes are all made with the highest quality parts that their price ranges will allow.The aluminum and steel used in the production of these bicycles are of the highest quality for their price.

  • When shopping for bikes under $500 you have to be very careful to not get sucked into the bogus marketing schemes of the big online retailers and Amazon sellers.

  • They are not bike shops or bike shop employees for the most part, they are just trying to make a buck off of your lack of knowledge in this area. For instance, did you know that dual suspension mountain bike for $300 weighs over 40 pounds!

  • Aluminum is not just aluminum and steel is not just steel, there are varying grades and weights so do not get snookered into thinking that crazy looking full suspension bike or aerodynamic looking road bike is by any means lightweight just because the seller says it is.

  • We are a 3rd generation bike shop, family owned and operated since 1932. 

  • Dedham Bike is run by cyclists and bike enthusiasts who are proud to offer you the best brands and equipment as well as our hard earned knowledge.

  •  We've done our homework so that you don't have to.