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Torque Table

Got Torque ?

These ranges are a guide, always be sure to check with your component maker for the most up to date settings.

Always be sure to use a proper bike torque wrench when setting up your ride.

Common Bicycle Torque Specs

Bottom Bracket

Bottom bracket cups 300-360 lb/in (32.9-40.7 Nm)
Tandem eccentric 75-100 lb/in (8.5-11.3 Nm)
Single-speed eccentric 75-100 lb/in (8.5-11.3 Nm)


Pad fixing boltscantilever, direct-pull, U-brake70-80 lb/in (7.9-9 Nm)
Pad fixing boltsroad calipers40-60 lb/in (4.5-6.8 Nm)
Arm fixing boltscantilever, direct-pull, U-brake70-85 lb/in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
Caliper fixing boltson metal seatstays70-85 lb/in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
Caliper fixing boltson 'curved' carbon fiber seatstays55-60 lb/in (6.2-6.8 Nm)
Disc brake mounting bolts 100-110 lb/in (11.3-12.4 Nm)
Disc brake adapter mounting boltsusing a 5mm allen wrench100-110 lb/in (11.3-12.4 Nm)
Disc brake adapter mounting boltsusing 4mm allen wrench60-65 lb/in (6.8-7.3 Nm)-
Disc attachmentbolts45-55 lb/in (5-6.2 Nm)
Disc attachmentCenterlock attachment350 lb/in (40.2 Nm)
Cable clamp bolt 50-70 lb/in (5.7-7.9 Nm)


Lockring 261-434 lb/in (30-50 Nm)


Crank boltsBontrager 
 Sport cranks with a single M8 bolt on each arm336-372 lb/in (38- 42 Nm)
 Big Earl cranks with a single M12 bolt on each arm384-420 lb/in (43.4-47.4 Nm)
 Race X Lite ATB cranks with a single M15 bolt on each arm384-480 lb/in (42.4-47.4 Nm)
 Race XXX Lite road600 lb/in (67.5 Nm)
 all other Bontrager cranks with a single M15 bolt on each arm420-480 lb/in (47.5-54.2 Nm)
 Shimano cranks with double pinch bolts on each arm106-132 lb/in (12-15 Nm)
  With double pinch-bolts, gradually loosen or tighten, alternating between bolts as you do so
 with a single 6 or 8mm bolt on each arm350-435 lb/in (39.5- 49.2 Nm)
Chainring boltssteel106-124 lb/in (12-14 Nm)
Chainring boltsaluminum71-79 lb/in (8-9 Nm)


Front derailleurband clamp bolt25-35 lb/in (2.8-4 Nm)
Front derailleurbraze-on mounting bolt44-60 lb/in (4.9-6.8 Nm)
Rear derailleur mounting bolt 70-85 lb/in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
Cable clamp bolt 35-52 lb/in (3.5-5.9 Nm)


Rack or fender strut bolt 20-25 lb/in (2.3-2.9 Nm)


Water bottle bolt 20-25 lb/in (2.3-2.9 Nm)
Rack or fender strut bolt 20-25 lb/in (2.3-2.9 Nm)
Rear derailleur hanger bolt 50-70 lb/in (5.7-8.0 Nm)


Aerobarsextension clamp bolts60 lb/in (6.8 Nm)
Aerobarselbow pad mounting bolts45 lb/in (5 Nm)
Bar-end clamp bolts 40-60 lb/in (4.5-6.8 Nm)


Kickstand 160-200 lb/in (18-23 Nm)


Pedal axle 350-380 lb/in (40.2-42.9 Nm)

Rear suspension

HiFishock mounting bolts85 lb/in (9.6 Nm)
HiFilower linkage pivot bolt85 lb/in (9.6 Nm)
HiFidropout pivot bolts85 lb/in (9.6 Nm)
HiFipivot axle bolt275 lb/in (31.0 Nm)
Fuel EX / Top Fuelshock mounting bolts133-164 lb/in (15.0-18.5 Nm)
Fuel EX / Top Fuelpivot axle bolts95-115 lb/in (10.7-13.0 Nm)
Fuel EX / Top Fuelrocker bridge bolts50-75 lb/in (5.7-8.5 Nm)
Remedyshock mounting bolts125-200 lb/in (14.1-22.6 Nm)
Remedypivot bolts125-200 lb/in (14.1-22.6 Nm)
Remedydropout pivot bolts125-150 lb/in (14.1-16.9 Nm)
Remedybearing pinch bolts65-105 lb/in (7.3-11.8 Nm)


Saddle clamp boltsBontrager seatpost with bolt across the seatpost head120-130 lb/in (13.6-14.7 Nm)
 single bolt using a 6 mm allen wrench65-125 lb/in (7.3-11.3 Nm)
 double bolt using a 5 mm allen wrench125-200 lb/in (14.1-22.6 Nm)
 double bolt using a 4 mm allen wrench45-60 lb/in (5-6.8 Nm)
 New Madone saddle clamp bolts125-140 lb/in (14-16 Nm)
 For seat fixing bolts using a 13 or 14 mm open end wrench
180-220 lb/in (20.3-24.9 Nm)

Seatpost binder

Binder boltaluminum seatpost85-125 lb/in (9.6-14.1 Nm)
 carbon fiber seatpost65-80 lb/in (7.3-9 Nm)
 new Madone seatmast clamp bolts44-61- lb/in (5-7 Nm)
 Equinox hidden binder65-80 lb/in (7.3-9 Nm)

Shift levers and brake levers

Brake lever clampmountain or road style53-69 lb/in (6.0-7.8 Nm)
 mid-bar lever20-30 lb/in (2.3-3.3 Nm)
 Hayes hydraulic25-35 lb/in (2.8-4 Nm)


Stem expander 100-120 lb/in (11.3-13.6 Nm)
Handlebar clampwelded stems100-120 lb/in (11.3-13.6 Nm)
Handlebar clampforged stems150-180 lb/in (17-20.3 Nm)
Handlebar clampwith carbon fiber handlebar100 lb/in (11.3 Nm)
Steerer clamp 100-120 lb/in (11.3-13.6 Nm)
Stem angle adjustment 150-170 lb/in (17-20.3 Nm)
Tandem stoker stemextension adjustment120-140 lb/in (13.6-15.8 Nm)
Tandem stoker stemseatpost clamp100-120 lb/in (11.3-13.6 Nm)


Axle nutsfront180-240 lb/in (20.3-27.1 Nm)
Axle nutsrear240-300 lb/in (27.1-33.9 Nm)
Fixed-gear hublockring250-300 lb/in (28.2-33.9 Nm)
Disc brakeDisc mounting bolts45-55 lb/in (5-6.2 Nm)
Thru-axleManitou forks pinch bolts45-55 lb/in (5.1-6.2 Nm)
Tricyclefront wheel pinch bolts150-280 lb/in (17-20.3 Nm)
Tricyclesplit rear rim joining bolts180-220 lb/in (20.3-24.9 Nm)