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Trek Hybrid Bikes Guide

Find the perfect bike for you with our Trek Hybrid Guide.

Explore the Trek FX, Verve and Dual Sport and find the perfect bike for your style.

Hybrid bikes are bikes for everyone.
You don't have to suit up in spandex or ride down a cliff to enjoy yourself on two wheels. Maybe you're looking for a smooth ride to use as a commuter. Maybe you want to work on your fitness over the weekends or explore those backroads outside of town.

Hybrid bikes are perfect for a wide variety of day to day uses.
You'll love the comfortable, upright posture and versatile capabilities of these great multispeed flatbar models. Pick the FX for a lightweight speedy ride on pavement, the Dual Sport to handle rougher roads and trails, or the Verve for a comfortable happy medium.

If you're unsure if hybrid bikes are right for you, read our guide on the full collection of Trek bikes.

Trek FX Hybrid Bike

Trek FX Bikes

What is the Trek FX?

Perfect for: Workouts and quick commuting

Trek has long touted that the FX series is the most popular hybrid bike line in the world. With tons of great features and 6 models to choose from, it's easy to see why. The FX has similar features to many road bikes but comes with a comfortable flat handle bar that keeps riders more upright than traditional drop bars. It's super light and comes with narrower road specific tires, which makes it great for fitness rides and zipping around town. But it's not just for workouts; the FX makes a great commuter as well thanks to mounting options for rear racks and fenders. Six models in the lineup means there's a bike in every pricepoint, so whether you're looking for a starter bike or a full carbon beauty there's an FX for you.

FX Bikes Features

  • Choice of lightweight aluminum / carbon frame
  • Fast rolling road tires
  • Choice of rim / disc brakes
  • Rack / fender mounts
  • Upright / comfortable posture

$439.99 - $2099.99

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Trek Verve Hybrid Bike

Trek Verve Bikes

Verve Bikes Features

  • Upright / comfortable posture
  • Wide 700x45c tires
  • Rack / fender mounts
  • Disc brakes
  • Padded seat / ergonomic grips

$489.99 - $759.99

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What is the Trek Verve?

Perfect for: Comfortable cruising and dependable commuting

The Trek Verve series is a line of affordable hybrid bikes for riders who prioritize comfort first. It starts with an upright posture that puts less pressure on your hands, wrists, back, and neck. Its extra wide 700x45c tires absorb bumps better than skinny tires and provide great stability on lots of surfaces. The Verve's seat is wider and more padded than most other Trek bikes and some models also come with a shock absorbing seatpost for even more comfort. While the Verve is one of the most comfortable bikes Trek makes, it's no clunky beach cruiser either. With a wide gear range, lightweight frame, powerful disc brakes, and rack/fender mounts, the 3 Verve models are do-it-all everyday bikes that are perfectly suited for adventures and commutes.

Trek Dual Sport Hybrid Bike

Trek Dual Sport Bikes

What is the Trek Dual Sport?

Perfect for: Exploring and commuting on all surfaces

The Dual Sport series shares lots of features with Trek's other hybrids but takes it up a notch in capability. The DS still has comfortable upright positioning and comes with commuter-ready rack and fender mounts, but is more suited for mixed terrain. The front suspension fork provides 63mm of travel and gives riders more control over bumpier roads, dirt paths, and trails. The DS also comes with 700x40c tires that have more tread for better off-road traction. Plus, there's clearance for tires up to 29x1.8" if you decide to go bigger. There are 4 models in the DS series at varying price points and build kits. The more high-performing models are lighter and come with different drivetrains, tubeless ready rims, and more.

Dual Sport Bike Features

  • Suspension fork
  • Disc brakes
  • Versatile all-terrain tires 
  • Rack / fender mounts
  • Internal cable routing

$549.99 - $1159.99

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Still not sure which Trek Hybrid is best for you? 

If you're stuck between two models, check out the comparisions below to hone in on the bike that best suits your riding style and goals.

Trek FX vs Dual Sport

Compared to Dual Sport, the Trek FX is...

  • Lighter
  • Faster on pavement
  • Better for riders who primarily ride pavement and prioritize speed and light weight

Compared to FX, the Trek Dual Sport is...

  • More comfortable on bumpy roads
  • More stable on gravel and trails
  • Better for riders who prioritize better traction and comfort on varied surfaces

Trek Verve vs FX

Compared to FX, the Trek Verve is...

  • More comfortable
  • More stable on varied surfaces
  • Better for riders who prioritize a comfy seat, upright position, and wider tires for traction and stability

Compared to Verve, the Trek FX is...

  • Lighter
  • Faster
  • Better for riders who primarily ride pavement and like to go fast

Trek Verve vs Dual Sport

Compared to Dual Sport, the Trek Verve is...

  • More comfortable
  • Better for cruising
  • Better for riders who primarily who sometimes go off road but prefer comfort over speed

Compared to Verve, the Trek Dual Sport is...

  • Faster
  • More stable on varied surfaces
  • Better for riders who primarily like to get off the beaten path at times

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All Trek Hybrid Features

  • Trek Lifetime Warranty
  • Commuter ready rack / fender mounts
  • Upright / comfortable posture
  • Disc brakes for all weather stopping power
  • Lightweight frame materials

$439.99 - $2099.99

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All Trek Hybrids

Perfect for: Commuting, weekend workouts, and everyday riding

Trek makes other hybrid style bikes not listed in this guide, including drop bar and electric commuters. Check out the full selection if you're still looking for that perfect ride to compliment your active lifestyle. Whatever you choose, have confidence knowing that you're getting a bike that's guaranteed to ride great and backed by Trek's Lifetime Warranty.