Why Wear Bib Bike Shorts?

cycling in bib shorts

Bib Or Shorts?

If you've been cycling long enough you've most likely heard friends and fellow riders mention the term bib shorts.

Wait, what the heck is a bib doing on bike shorts you probably asked.

Heck, you've probably snickered at the thought of wearing anything with the term bib coming before it unless lobster was involved!

Well, let's get into what bib bike shorts are and why they're a more comfortable alternative to standard padded riding shorts.

Let the cycling bibs vs shorts debate begin!

cycling bib shorts

What Are Bib Shorts?

Upon hearing the term used you probably wondered what the heck folks were talking about.

Tust that we totally understand the your reluctance to make the switch but we're going to show the reasons you why you should.

Well, bib shorts are just regular padded bike shorts with suspenders built into them.

The waist band has been removed and the shoulder straps of the added suspender portion now holds up your shorts!

This results in a more comfortable piece of riding gear.

You can see an example in this picture.

Bibs start as low as $100 for an entry level pair.

Available for men & women.


Why Wear Cycling Bib Shorts?

There are three main reasons we can think of to wear bib shorts while riding.

#1 - Your Chamois Stays Put

Yep, we've all been on rides where your good ole bike shorts start falling down as things heat up.

This causes your padded chamois to start shifting to places it shouldn't.

When your chamois shifts it no longer protects you in areas that it should. This leads to skin chaffing and yucky discomfort.

Due to the design of a pair of bibs this doesn't happen very often if ever.

Say goodbye to shifting chamois frustration!

#2 - No Waist Band

With the waist band removed there is no longer an annoying elastic or drawstring to dig into your waistline.

Also due to less restriction around your middle you can breath easier, especially when your really on the gas!

Not having a waist band also can make you feel less guilty about the few extra IPA's you drank this winter.

With no elastic or drawstring your shoulder straps are what hold your shorts in place.

This allows you to move around on the bike much more freely.

So much more comfortable!

#3 - No Bunching

With your shoulder straps now holding your shorts in place and your chamois staying where it should you wont experience

the bunching of materials that can happen with classic bike shorts.

This means much less overall discomfort and pinching in certain areas on your body.

You will be free to just pedal and enjoy your ride as you should.

You'll forget you ever owned a pair on of non bib shorts!