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Cannondale 24 Inch Kids' Bikes

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Cannondale 24 inch kids bikes for sale in Dedham, Massachusetts

Cannondale's 24 inch kids' bikes a perfect for your young rider who is 7-12 years old that has got the hang of hand brakes and gears and wants to keep having fun on bikes. Is your child in between sizes? Check out our Kids Bike Sizing Guide.

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Speed Machine Cruise the sidewalks and park paths with ease on the Quick 24. Its lightweight frame and 7-speed gearing make short work of the hills, while its stable handling and powerful brakes make descents a breeze. Where it thrives: In town, on the street, on paths What it’s built for: Comfort, Handling, Speed Sized Right: The 24" wheels and fast-rolling tires are perfect for riders between 4' and 4'9" (122cm - 145cm) who want to ride quickly and easily, primarily on paved surfaces. Light and Easy: The lightweight aluminum frame and components make the bike easy to pedal and maneuver, while the low standover makes mounts and dismounts easier. Easy Shifting: Light action twist shifters and 7-speed gearing make it easy to select the right gear for the terrain.
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