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Electric Bikes

"Electric Bikes For Sale"

Pedal Assist Bikes Are Great Fun!

Electric bikes or E-bikes are sweeping the country.

They are great fun and allow folks with physical limitations and commuters to get around quickly due to their powerful pedal assist motors.

The Rogue Wave was once known as the Snow Bike. That name lasted only one season as it has become the bike of all seasons….and in all conditions too! For Fifield to offer this model it needed to be done right. Fifield did so with a 750 Watt powerful mid-drive motor; the maximum rated power allowed for ebikes. Wow, this bike performs everywhere. - 750 Watt mid drive motor - 26” X 4” all condition tires - 48Volt – 14.5ah battery - Premium Hydraulic disk brakes - Special programmable display
The Bonfire 500 is the workhorse of Electric Bicycles. Originally designed with the commuter in mind, it has proven to be one of the most desired bicycles. Why not? It has strong 500W hub-drive motor that feels like no other. It has all the comfort features including suspension seat-posts and forks, plus fenders, lights, and a rear rack. Who else offers this much value and insists on quality components? The Fifield Bonfire 500 does that and more. Special Kevlar Belted ebike tires Premium Hydraulic disk brakes Heavy-duty stainless-steel spokes Top-rated 500Watt motor 48Volt – 14.5ah battery (up to 50 miles)
Our step-though Seaside e-Bike hearkens to those lazy, sun-drenched summer days of your memory. With a frame design that makes mounting and dismounting easy and safe, Seaside’s sporty vibe turns heads and promises an incomparable riding experience. The Seaside will help you conquer any hill. Just turn on your lights, let your fenders protect you from a wet road and place a picnic on your rear rack and ride everywhere. Easy to get on and off Upright riding position No tool comfort adjustments on the stem, handlebars and saddle Powerful 350Watt motor Easy to use display providing up to 9 levels of power No extra’s needed. Comes with aluminum fenders, rear rack and lights too 26" Wheel for smaller riders 700C Wheel for bigger riders
Designed for the wide open road and the narrow storage space, the Jetty by Fifield is the perfectly adaptable urban transporter. Jetty is all about portability, but we keep it simple. No tools necessary; just fold your Jetty in seconds and put in your car, boat, RV or home. Even take your bike on the train to work. - Sleek design - Upright comfort and easily adjusted - Powerful 350 Watt motor - Easy to use display providing up to 9 levels of power - No extra’s needed. - Comes with aluminum fenders, rear rack and lights too.
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