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Bontrager Bike Accessories And Parts

When riding with Bontrager you're using the best cycling gear out there. 

Due to cutting edge technologies and by using only the best materials you can be assured of that. 

Hey, why not upgrade that bike of yours with new parts or accessories?

Some new gear is a great way to turn the old into new or the good into great! If you're looking to save, check out the on sale items section below.

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Bontrager Helmets, Shoes, & Apparel

If you wear it while you ride, Bontrager makes it. Bontrager has been an innovator for bike helmets, shoes, and cycling clothing in general for years. Every item is rigorously tested on and off the bike for durability and performance so you know you buying quality that lasts. Check out the categories below to get started:

"bontrager rally bike helmet"

Bontrager Helmets

Be comfortable and safe in a new Bontrager helmet. Enjoy a great fit, ventilation and safety with new MIPS or Wavecel technology.

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"Bontrager road bike shoes"

Bontrager Shoes

Ride in style with a new pair of Bontrager shoes. We have mountain shoes and road shoes for men and women.

Bontrager Cycling Clothing

A great seat can make or break your ride. Get more comfortable on a new saddle. Backed with a 30 day comfort guarantee.

Bontrager Bike Accessories

Bontrager bike accessories run the gamut of what you could ever need for your bike. Whether its lights, pumps, computers, or maintenance and cleaning supplies that you're after, Bontrager has you covered. Check out some of the most popular categories below:

Bontrager Lights

Bicycle lighting is more important than ever for safety. These lights are the best in the business. Be safer on your next ride!

Bontrager Bike Locks

Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your bike, so keep it locked up with one of Bontrager's many styles of bike locks.

Bontrager Bike Computers

Track your milage, speed, and more with a sleek Bontrager bike computer that can help you get the most out of your ride.

Bontrager Bike Bags, Baskets, & Racks

When it comes to carrying gear on your bike, Bontrager has tons of options to choose from. Check out our racks, baskets, and bags here.

Looking for pumps, water bottles, or other bike Bontrager accessories?

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Bontrager Bike Parts

Bontrager started off as a bike parts company, and it's been developing some of the best bicycle components in the industry for decades. Bontrager makes just about every kind of bike part you could ever need, and with lots of price points to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that fits your goals and budget.

Bontrager Tires

Need some new rubber? Our tires are top notch and will instantly add performance to your road, mountain or hybrid bike.

Bontrager Tire Guide

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Bontrager Wheels

Want a bolt on performance upgrade? Buy a new pair of lightweight wheels and get rolling faster and smoother.

Bontrager Wheels Guide

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Bontrager Pedals

Whether you clip in or ride flats, Bontrager pedals make road or mtb rides more efficient and fun.

Bontrager Saddles

Bontrager makes finding the perfect saddle easy by providing tons of options for every riding style.

Looking for handlebars, stems, or other bike Bontrager accessories?

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Bontrager Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

Ride it, if you're not stoked on your purchase return your item within 30 days with your original receipt and we'll

get you a refund or an exchange on your Bontrager product. It's really that simple.

Bicycle Accessories And Parts Built On History

"Keith Bontrager"Few names have such a rich history in cycling as that of Keith Bontrager. A former motocross racer and mechanic, Keith turned his attention to bicycles after a string of injuries forced him to make the jump to bikes in the late 70's. He built his first road frame in 1979, and followed it up a year later with his first mountain bike.

Keith's frames were some of the most sought-after rigs in the early years of mountain biking and eventually his one-man operation became a limited-production facility in 1992." Bontrager products are found on all Trek bikes!" As Keith turned the brand from one man's name into a cycling legend, the Trek bicycle company picked him up in 1995 to help spread his quality components to the biking world. From frames to forks, from wheels to tires, and from handlebars to cranks, Keith has produced it all. Several Trek race teams have ridden wheels and components inspired by Keith to take stage victories in the world's toughest cycling events, the Tour de France and Giro de Italia.

The tradition of excellence continues to this day as the brand expands under the guidance of Trek, with Keith a major component of the growth. He still races and tours the world, testing his products in the most extreme conditions possible. Ultra-light, aerodynamic carbon wheels and big, burly downhill tires, as well as every component in-between all have a place in the lineup.

Be sure to hook yourself up with the full suite of components and products for the ultimate in cycling excellence!