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"bontrager lights"

Bontrager Lights 

From the amazing Bontrager ION 200 and ION 450 rt to the award winning Flare R tail light, we have the Bontrager bike lights you need to be seen.

By using cutting LED edge technology Bontrager has pushed the limits of bicycle lighting further than ever before with higher lumens and longer run times.

Be seen and be safe day or night, grab a new pair of LED bike lights today.

Check out our complete lineup and be sure to watch this video showing how a Bontrager Flare RT rear bike light is designed.

 Plus, all models are covered by a 100% money back guarantee.

Bontrager Rear Bike Lights

Make sure you're being seen by motorists and other cyclists coming up behind you both during the day and night.

Bontrager Bike Headlights

Featuring daytime flashing modes for visibilty and high output steady lighting at night so you can see what's in front of you while riding after the sun goes down.

Bontrager Light Mounts And Accessories

Need to attach your lights to multiple bikes or clothing? We have you covered.