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Trek Kids Bikes

"trek kids mountain bike"

Trek kids bikes are designed to grow with your child, giving them years of fun by using a truly dialed fit. As we all know a bicycle is the first true source of freedom that we all remember from when we received our first bicycle as children. By investing in a Trek kids bicycle you are giving them the best vehicle to start to explore the world around them, and when they outgrow their current bike we'll take it back in trade!

This is a short video courtesy of Trek explaining why their kids bicycles are the best investment for your child. It shows how the bike grows with your child and explains the theory behind the Dialed Fit system and how it allows your youngster to stay in the same bike for longer. Light, easy to ride and grows with your kiddo, what's not to like?

Trek Kids Mountain Bikes

Remember those bike rides from your youth? How much fun it was to cruise the neighborhood or trails on your new kid bicycle!

If you're anything like us here you're going to want to give your little ripper the best tools for the job. That's where Trek kids mountain bikes come in.

Incredibly lightweight and durable, with big volume tires or suspension to soak up the bumps and gears enough to tackle the climbs.

What's left to do? Get em out riding today!

Bikes For 2- 4 Year Olds

Your child is ready for their first bike, how exciting! At this age you'll be looking for features like coaster brakes and training wheels. Most toddlers will be on your standard 12" bike or perhaps a balance bike or tricycle. Every once in a while we see a bigger child in this age group that may be able to handle a 16" wheel bike but in most cases the 12" is the way to go, it's more easy for kids to move due to it's size and weight.

Bikes For 3 - 6 Year Olds

At 3+ years old kids are now looking to get into a 16" wheel bike. Bigger kids will enjoy the added space on the bike and the ability to go faster and further with less effort. Trek's 16" wheel bikes come with training wheels that can be easily removed when the time comes. Trek kids bikes in this size range are also mainly coaster brake equipped for safety and ease of stopping.

Bikes For 5 - 8 Year Olds

Now your little ones are hitting the big time, they're into the 20" bike realm. Once here you'll start seeing bikes that incorporate hand brakes, multiple speeds and the occasional suspension fork. Bikes in this size range can come with a coaster brake setup and a hand brake or dual hand brakes and a freewheel. These bigger bikes allow the rider who's a bigger 5 year old or growing 6-8 year to really start to stretch their legs a bit more. Trek kids mountain bikes and road bikes are now a part of the landscape as well as your classic single speed kids bikes.

Bikes For 7+ Year Olds

Well you've hit the last step on the kids bike bike ladder, once here you're dealing with bikes for the 7-8 year and older rider. These bikes are equipped with 24" wheels, dual hand brakes and freewheels. More models in this size are equipped with suspension forks and the occasional disc brake set up. These bikes will hand huge amounts of freedom and adventure to your young rider before they finally hit the age where they will need their first adult bike. Legit kids mountain bikes and kids road bikes will now be on your radar at this point in your child's cycling journey.