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Dedham Bike is proud to be a Cannondale dealer

When Cannondale opened its doors in 1971, humble beginnings soon gave way to industry leading technology and materials. With a team dedicated to providing riders with the best possible performance, Cannondale soon found itself among the best in the business and on top of podiums across the globe. Now, all the hard work and innovation that brought them to the top of the cycling world is available to you. Whether you are looking for your kid's first bike, a solid commuter, or a high performance machine that the pros ride, Cannondale has a bike for everyone.

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Mountain Bikes

Cannondale has been building incredibly tough and capable mountain bikes for decades. As a leader in the cycling industry, Cannondale builds their bikes with top of the line materials and components, that are sure to improve your riding abilities and enjoyment. Check out our selection of cross country, enduro and downhill ready bicycles. We're sure you'll be stoked to see cool technology like lefty forks, powerful disc brakes, top flight aluminum frames and much more!

Front suspension mountain bike

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Front suspension bikes, or hardtails, are great for speed and simplicity while keeping cost and weight down. 

Full suspension mountain bike

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full suspension bikes not only offer more comfort than hardtails, they make big leaps and bone crushing terrain way more manageable.

29 inch mountain bike

29er / 29 - Inch Mountain Bikes

Cannondale has been on the forefront of these big wheel bikes with supreme traction and rollover ability.

27.5 / 650b mountain bike

27.5 - Inch / 650b Mountain Bikes

Cannondale's 650b or 27.5 inch bikes will impress you with their nimble handling and sturdiness.

Kids Mountain Bikes

Want a kids bike that can handle all the mud, sand and dirt you can throw at it?  Cannondale kids mountain bikes are the way to roll.

29 plus / 27.5 plus mountain bike

27.5" Plus + 29" Plus
Mountain Bikes

These Plus bikes are incredibly confidence inspiring, providing superior grip and an extremely fun ride.


Road Bikes

You've seen those big green letters in every major race around the world, and for good reason. With the most reliable, lightweight components available and their award winning frame materials, Cannondale road bikes put their experience in your hands.

Cannondale also has great options for endurance and gravel bikes that combine performance with superior comfort for those long cross races or all day gravel rides. 

And if you want to load up your gear and leave it all behind for a weekend trip or an epic adventure, Cannondale's durable and capable touring bikes will help you every step of the way.

Performance road bike

Race + Sport Road Bikes

You've got a need for speed and only the best will do. Look no further than Cannondale's elite road bikes for your next race or group ride.

Endurance / gravel bike

Endurance + Gravel Bikes

Added comfort means you can spend more time doing what you love: riding. These bikes' longer geometry and tire clearance will allow you to bust out serious miles on terrain you might have avoided before.

Touring bike

Touring Bikes

When you challenge yourself with a long distance tour, you need a reliable bike you can count on. Cannondale's touring bikes will allow you to push yourself further than ever before thanks to sturdy frames and wheels as well as carefully selected components.


Fitness, Hybrid, Commuter and Urban Bikes

Not everyone cyclist wants to spend their weekends clad in hi-vis spandex or careening down cliffs. If you are looking for a dependable ride you can use to get to work, explore your area, or exercise your own way, you need to check out these smart bikes from Cannondale.

Fitness bike

Fitness Bikes

Cannondale's Quick lineup are the perfect balance of speed and comfort. Lightweight and agile, you can zip to work or get some great exercise on these bikes.

Hybrid bike

Hybrid Bikes

Comfy seats and upright positioning are just a few of the qualities that make hybrid bikes a great choice for a commuter or casual rider who's looking to live a more active life. 

City / urban bike

Commuter + City Bikes

The one and only Bad Boy alongside other great urban bikes comprise Cannondale's complete city bike category perfect for fast commuting and cruising in style.


Cannondale Tandems

Cannondale is known for their excellent tandem bikes. Whether you and your partner want to crank out the road miles or explore off the beaten track, these two person bikes are the way to go.

Road tandem bike

Cannondale Road Tandem

Cannondale's Road Tandem 2 is a fantastic bike for sharing the joys of riding. It's fast, light, and a ton of fun. The oversized aluminum tubing provides superior stability without weighing you down. 

Mountain tandem bike

Cannondale Mountain Tandem 29er

It's always more fun to ride with others, so make your next investment a bike you'll both enjoy as you work together to explore trails and tracks near and far. Cannondale's lightweight and durable frame will give you the confidence to give it your all.


Kids' Bikes

Cannondale's "Kid Correct" bikes are engineered to fit just right and inspire your young one to ride with confidence. These light but sturdy bikes are a blast to ride and will help your kids improve their skills.

Balance bike

Balance Bikes

For first time riders, balance bikes are the best way to get comfortable and build the confidence they'll need to improve.

12 inch kids' bike

12" Kids' Bikes

Use these 12" bikes with or without training wheels after graduating from the balance bike.

16 inch kids' bike

16" Kids' Bikes

Your 4-6 year old will be well on the way to becoming a confident rider with these 16" bikes.

20 inch kids' bike

20" BMX + Kids' Mountain Bikes

Your 6-9 year old is getting bigger and better at riding, so it's time to upgrade them to a 20" bike that will keep up with them.

24 inch kids' bike

24" Kids' Bikes

By now your 9-12 year old is ready for some serious fun on a 24" bike that will help them explore and continue to hone their abilities.