Bike Assembly

Bike Assembly Near Me

Bike Assembly

Do you have a bike in a box that needs to be assembled?

Did you purchase a bike from a big box store or get one given to you?

If you've had a bike shipped to you and it needs to be put together we're here to help.

Our expert bike assemblers will assemble your bike safely and we'll cover the assembly with a free service period once it's ready to roll.

If you are not a trained professional do not attempt assembly yourself due to serious safety concerns!

If you can't get the boxed bike to us for assembly we can pick it up and drop it off to you when it's ready for an additional fee. 

(10 mile radius from the shop unless other arrangements are made)

While the bike is at the store we can add any accessories you may want to put on your bike such as bike lights, bags, racks & H2o holders etc.

If the bike is used and in need of replacement parts this is a great time to get that done as well.

Minimum assembly charge starts at $100 and varies depending on new vs. used and type of bike being assembled.

So drop the bike off or make an appointment and we'll get you rolling!

Any other questions please call 781-326-1531 or email us at