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F . A . Q's

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the answers to several of the questions most often asked by customers of Dedham Bike Contact us if you need more info.

Why Am I Not Getting Free Shipping Applied?

The number one reason you're not getting free shipping applied to your order is you've applied a coupon code to an item that brought the item below the $50.00 threshold for free shipping.

Please add more items to your cart and re-try the coupon code or remove it all together and you should be ready to roll.

Lastly, if you've chosen expediated shipping there is no free shipping given with this option due to the additional cost incurred.

Why Can't I Apply My Coupon Code?

Most likely it's because you're trying to apply it to an item that coupon codes are not valid on such as larger items including bikes, some bike racks and other larger and heavier pieces.

Another reason may be that you're attempting to apply the coupon to an already marked down item which you cannot.

Lastly, if you've already used your first time buyer discount code it will not work again. This is a one time usage code.

When Will My Items Ship?

With any order a one day processing period is needed. Items in stock at the store will ship within 24 hours after your order is placed.

Items that are currently in warehouse will ship to the store first and then to you. 

This results in an out the door to the customer time of 2 to 5 days depending on the item ordered.

Trek, Bontrager and Electra items in warehouse are shipped to you within 24 hours via direct warehouse fulfillment.

How Do You Ship?

Smaller items like parts and most accessories are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Or Express Mail.

Larger items like bicycles and car racks etc. are shipped via FedEX.

Once Shipped, When Will I Get My Items If USPS?


Once Shipped, When Will I Get My Items If FedEx?


Can I Track My Order?

Yes, once your item has shipped you will receive an email with your tracking info in it.  

You will then use that tracking number to see where your order is at currently.

What If Didn't Receive Any Tracking Numbers?

If for some reason you didn't receive a tracking number or notification please check your spam folder for an email from us.

No email? Bummer but we've got your back. You can try these options.

1 - If you have your order number handy look here.

2 - If you created an account at checkout log in and check your tracking there.

If these options don't work out please contact us and we'll give you a hand. You can reach us via the chat box on our site or by calling.

How Do I Make A Return?

Please view our policies page here to see how to make a return or exchange and to receive a refund.

Do You Offer Free Freight?

Yes, any order placed over $50.00 receives free freight including shippable bicycles.