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Cycling Gear Guides

Our cycling gear guides are dedicated to helping you understand and choose between different bike parts, accessories, and apparel. If you have questions about clipless pedals, bike helmets, indoor trainers, and other bike stuff, read on and get some helpful info!

Bike Parts

SPD Pedals Guide

What are SPD pedals? What about clipless? Is there a difference and why should you care? If you're curious about pedals click here to read everything you need to know.

What is bike rim tape?

Bike rim tape is an often overlooked but critical part of a reliable wheel. It goes on the rim on top of the spoke holes and below the tube. Find out more about rim tape here.

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Bike Helmets, Shoes, & Apparel

Safest Bike Helmets

Explore the best bike helmet technology on the market and maximize your safety while riding.

Winter Cycling Gear

The proper kit can make even the coldest rides enjoyable, so take a look at the top gear we recommend for winter.

cycling shorts vs bibs

Cycling Bibs vs Shorts

Read this article about how to choose whether cycling bibs or cycling shorts are the right way to go for the way you ride.

Bike Accessories & Equipment

Essential Cycling Accessories

Here's a list of the must-have gear that every cyclist should own. Getting the right stuff will make your life a whole lot easier!

Smart Trainer Guide

Want to ride all year round but hate going out in the nasty winter weather? Explore our smart trainer guide and how you can stay fit and sane this off season.

Saris Car Rack Fit Guide

If you're not sure which rack will fit you car, check out this Saris car rack fit guide that matches your vehicle with a car rack you'll love.

Explore Our Other Guides

If you found this page helpful, try exploring some of our other resources! We pride ourselves on being super helpful to our customers and community, so if you've got questions, we've got answers! Check out the helpful links below or give us a call:

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