Saris Bike Rack Fit Guide


How to Pick a Saris Bike Rack

Saris makes a rack to fit almost every car. No matter what you're driving, Saris has a rack to fit your ride: whether you’re looking for a hitch rack that holds fatbikes to a Bones rack that keeps your road bike secured to your sedan, Saris has you covered. This handy rack finder will help you find the perfect rack to fit your car and your needs.

Saris Rack Catalog

Saris Bones 3-Bike
$169.99 - $174.99
Saris’ Bones 3-Bike rack unites utilitarian strength and modern style. Craf...
Saris B.A.T. Spare Tire Plate
Saris' Spare Tire Plate is for use with their spare tire racks. Grab the Sp...
Saris Bike Porter Hitch 4-Bike Locking
Keep your bikes safe and sound with the Saris Bike Porter Hitch 4-Bike Lock...
Saris Sentinel 3-Bike
$71.99 $89.99 20% Savings
Saris’ Sentinel 3-Bike rack is ready to go right out of the box, easy to mo...
Saris Superclamp EX, 4 Bike
$719.99 $899.99 20% Savings
When adventure calls, you need a hardy bike rack to get you and your collec...
Saris Wheel Straps (2-Pack)
$8.79 $10.99 20% Savings
Saris' Wheel Straps keep your front wheels from spinning and your handlebar...
Saris Bones Hitch Mount (4-Bike)
The Bones Hitch 4-Bike rack is born out of the design and function of Saris...
Saris Freedom 4-Bike
$463.99 $519.99 11% Savings
Transport all types of bikes with Saris’ Freedom 4-Bike hitch rack. Its inn...
Saris Glide EX 5-Bike
$499.99 $549.99 9% Savings
Grocery-getter. Luggage machine. Move master. Whatever nickname your vehicl...