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Casati Bikes

Handbuilt in Italy

Casati continues to produce some of the best bicycle frames in the world by hand from their workshop in Italy.

For the better part of a century they have given the cycling world some of the most beautiful bikes that have ever been ridden.

Cicli Casati was founded by Pietro Casati, the winner of the 1913 Tour of Lombardy, and is now run by his grandsons Luca and Massimo Casati.

This small Italian family run business located in Monza Italy prides itself on producing some of the finest custom hand-built bicycles available on the planet.  

Whatever bike frame material you're looking for in your Custom bike, whether it's Carbon, Steel or Titanium bike, Casati has you covered.

Nothing rides like a handbuilt Italian bike..nothing.

Casati Handbuilt Carbon


Casati Handbuilt Carbon Frames

Casati Carbon Bikes are available in three models, the Aliena, the Marte, and the Dardo. As with all Casatis, the geometry is bespoke to the customer's body and intended ride characteristics.

The Aliena model is what Casati calls their "Classic Variation". It features mainly rounded/oval shaped tubes and is able to run classic or caliper brakes and quick release wheels.  You can also get this model disc brake ready and set up for Thru Axle if you prefer.

The Dardo Model is what Casati refers to as the "Modern Variation". We love the rounded-square shaped top and down tubes and we LOVE the Seat tube which is both wheel shaped and acommodates a straighter chainline.

The Marte Model is what Casati refers to as having a "strong look" based on the tube shapes.  Optimized square top tube and triangular downtube make for a stiff light frame that you'll love.  We are quite take with the M-Style Seat Stays Pictured Above.

   Casati Frames Are Special Ordered. Contact Us For Ordering Info.

Casati Handbuilt Steel


Casati italian handbuilt frames

The Handbuilt Steel Lineup has one model, The Espresso with three variants: The Espresso Classic, The Espresso Gravel, and the Espresso RS.  All three are built around a Steel Columbus Spirit Tubeset.  It features Internal cable routing for a clean look, a 27.2 MM seatpost, and 1 1/8 headtube and comes with a high modulus carbon T800 fork. 

The Espresso Classic comes with round rear stays and comes with two fork choices: the straight bladed Fedaia that functions with an integrated headset or the curved bladed fork called the Ghisello that works with a classic headset. This model has up to 28mm of tire clearance and can only run traditional caliper road brakes.

The Espresso RS model features a different shaped tubeset that features a 1 1/8" upper and 1 1/2 lower bearing integrated headset. We love the seat stays that are rounded and rotated 90°. This model offers both rim brakes and mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes as choices. This choice will impact how much tire clearance the bike has however, as the rim brake variant will have up to 28mm tire clearance and the disc brake variant will have 30mm of tire clearance.

The Espresso Gravel is a versatile model. It has up to 42mm of tire clearance in both the front and rear. This model when the disc brake variant is chosen, comes with reinforced tubes, rear dropouts and thru axle to handle the increased braking forces.  We love this model!

  Casati Frames Are Special Ordered. Contact Us For Ordering Info.

Casati Laser


Casati Laser Steel Frame

Casati Historic Steel


Casati Historic Steel Frames   Casati Frames Are Special Ordered. Contact Us For Ordering Info.