Bontrager Saddles

Get more comfortable on a Bontrager bike seat!

All models come with a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee to make sure that you're comfortable on your bike. 

Choose from high end racing options to super padded comfort seats and mountain bike options. 

Be sure to check out our best selling Bontrager Paradigm saddles and Bontrager Montrose saddles! 

Bontrager Arvada Pro
Road ready, trail approved Arvada Pro adds comfort and reduces soft tiss...
Bontrager Serano Pro
A classic, reborn Serano Pro is the optimal combination of fit and effic...
Bontrager Boulevard Saddle
The Bontrager Boulevard saddle pairs a full cut-out with sleek styling that...
Bontrager Arvada Elite
Road ready, trail approved Arvada Elite adds comfort and reduces soft ti...
Bontrager Serano RL Factory Overstock Road Bike Saddle
$75.00 $149.99 50% Savings
Classic curvature upgraded with the science-backed technology of inForm Bio...
Bontrager Ajna Comp Women's Saddle
$19.98 - $79.99 $79.99 Up To 75% Savings
The Ajna Comp is the cutout saddle that every female rider can appreciate. ...
Bontrager Ajna Pro Carbon Women's Factory Overstock Bike Saddle
$100.00 $199.99 50% Savings
Ajna Pro Carbon is the race-specific women's saddle engineered for speed, c...
Bontrager Evoke RXL Carbon Factory Overstock Mountain Bike Saddle
$90.00 $179.99 50% Savings
You don't need to sacrifice comfort to get an extremely lightweight saddle....
Bontrager Affinity Comp Saddle
$19.98 - $79.99 $79.99 Up To 75% Savings
The Affinity Comp saddle provides the comfort and performance of inForm Bio...