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Bontrager Saddles

"bontrager saddle"

All models come with a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee to make sure that you're comfortable on your bike. 

Choose from high end racing options to super padded comfort seats and mountain bike options. 

Few upgrades can make such a big impact as a more comfortable Bontrager bike seat. 

Not only will you be more comfy today but you'll be more likely to want to jump back on your bike tomorrow!

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Bontrager Boulevard Saddle
$44.99 - $49.99
The Bontrager Boulevard saddle pairs a full cut-out with sleek styling that...
Bontrager Aeolus Elite Road Bike Saddle
Comfort without sacrificing power Aeolus Elite brings comfort, power, and ...
Bontrager Affinity Comp Gel Saddle
Enjoy comfortable performance during long days on the bike with the Affinit...
Bontrager Kids Saddle
Bontrager's Kids' Saddle puts big kid performance and comfort into a smalle...