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"best road bikes under 1000"

The Best Road Bikes Under $1000 

If you're in the market for the best budget road bike you can find we're here to help. 

In this article we'll narrow down the bikes that we feel are deserving of the title of the best road bike for a beginner under $1000 but have included some great options under $1500 as well.

Now mind you, we know there are many options from which to choose from. The bikes we have listed here are some of our favorites.

We've based our picks on their value, performance and durability. Opinions may vary but we've based our choices on decades of experience.

Keep in mind we are a bike shop, not an online price cutter or affiliate site. These bicycles are high quality, well known brands that hit your price point.

If you're in the market for something a little more pricey check out our more high end options.

Enjoy reading and if you have more questions we're here to help.

What Makes A Great Entry Level Road Bike?

We feel that in today's market the options that are available to you have never been better.

Today's beginner road bikes are lighter, ride better and are more comfortable than ever due to better materials and technology.

Another nice side effect of these advancements is a more durable bike, today's starter road bikes can handle more miles and rougher roads.

So how does all this happen exactly?

  • Lighter Alloy Frames - Better aluminum technology available today
  • Carbon Fiber Forks - Lighter carbon forks make for a more comfortable ride
  • Better Shifting Performance - Crisper shifting and more gears for hills
  • More Comfortable - More upright seating and more comfortable saddles
  • Wider Tires - Bigger volume tires are more comfortable and durable
  • Affordable - The value in today's entry level budget road bikes has never been higher!

Pretty amazing hey? The performance, value, comfort and durability of today's budget road bikes is really off the charts.

Buyer Beware - Things To Consider While Starter Road Bike Shopping

We get it, money is money.

The difference between $500 and $1500 is huge to most folks but when looking for a road bike that dollar difference can result in a big difference in performance and quality. 

Don't opt for the cheapest option unless you absolutely have to!

Give the following items some thought:

  • If buying online, who will assemble your bike for you?
  • Am I buying a brand a bike shop would sell? If no, move along. (Trek, Cannondale, Fuji, Specialized Etc.)
  • Who will service your bike down the road?
  • What size bike should I buy? This is probably the most important consideration.
  • Are the components on the bike a well known brand? (Shimano, Sram Etc.)
  • If buying at a bike shop, will you get free service and an initial sizing?
  • Have you left enough in the budget for some cool accessories? There's a few must haves here.

With these considerations in mind, let's get to it!

The Best Road Bikes Under $1000 - Our Picks

The following models are in our opinion, the best bang for the buck in a budget road bike.

**Please note that pricing has shifted a bit on certain bikes, potentially pushing bikes originally below the 1k mark to slightly over

"Fuji sportif 1.5 disc road bike"

Fuji Sportif 1.5 Disc 

The Sportif 1.5 with disc brakes by Fuji is a huge value.

This is a chance for you to buy a better stopping bike.

Have it shipped to you or opt for in store pickup with free assembly.

Featuring a lightweight A2-SL aluminum frame with carbon fork.

The 1.5  comes with Shimano Tiagra gearing.

Upright and comfortable riding position and ready for accessories.

"best road bike under 1000"

Trek Domane AL 3 

The AL 3 is our best seller here at Dedham Bike.

It represents the best in performance, comfort and durability.

Offering a Shimano Sora 18 speed gear setup for your sifting needs.

Big volume 28C tires allow for lower tire pressures for added comfort.

A carbon fiber fork keeps the weight down.

Mounts for racks, water bottles, fenders and lights.

"Fuji feather road bike"

Fuji Feather

The Feather from Fuji is a simple, elegant singlespeed road machine.

With it's one gear, you're assured of lower maintenance and repair costs.

A high quality steel frame adds flair and comfort.

If commuting or simplicity is your jam then look no further.

"best budget womens road bike"

Trek Domane AL 2 WSD 

It's a real starter women's road bike at a great value, and it gets you into the world of road cycling without a giant price tag.

It comes with a Women's Specific Design saddle and handlebar that make you say, "Yeah, that feels like it was made for me". 

The stable Endurance Geometry delivers comfort and confidence.

The unique IsoSpeed Carbon fork, which swoops forward toward the dropouts, absorbs vibrations from the road so your arms won't fatigue as quickly.

The Best Road Bikes Under $1500 - Our Picks

With upgraded parts, more durability and a reduction in weight these options should be on your radar.

"Fuji sportif 1.3 disc road bike"

Fuji Sportif 1.3 Disc

The Sportif 1.3 disc is an endurance road bike with racing chops.

Fast, yet comfortable for all day rides or harder group efforts.

Set up with a lightweight frame and carbon fork.

Hydraulic disc brakes handle the stopping in any condition.

Shimano 105 components handle the shifting needs.