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Cycling Tips For Beginners - Our 10 Favorites

When we first decided to give bikes a go we really weren't sure how to start cycling, how about you? 

Like us you probably have many questions about what bike to buy, what accessories do I need as well as how to be safe while riding. It doesn't need to be overly complicated we assure you, there's a few basic cycling tips for beginners here that will help get you heading down the right road. 

So whether you're looking to get into road riding, cruising rail trails and bike paths or mountain biking these simple suggestions will help you greatly!

  1. Visit Your Local Bike Shop - Before purchasing any bike new or used, be sure to swing by your local shop to seek their guidance in buying a bike. They can guide you towards the best bikes for a beginner's needs as well as picking out the all important right size bike for your height. 
  3. Get A Proper Size And Fit - In truth, getting the right size bike that fits you is of the utmost importance. If you want to be as comfortable as possible on the bike you must have a bike that fits. If the frame size is not correct for you there is no amount of adjusting that will help!
  5. Buy A Comfy Seat & Shorts - Many bicycles today come with saddles that won't be comfortable for the beginner cyclist. Ask your shop guide what comfort saddle and padded cycling shorts they would recommend to you. Plan on spending around $40 - $60 for a reasonable gel saddle and roughly the same for a basic pair of cycling shorts or bibs, it's well worth it!
  7. Wear Gloves - Not only is there a big comfort advantage to wearing cycling gloves but a safety one as well. If you happen to come off the bike due to a sudden stop and have to put your hands out to brace your fall, gloves will protect your hands from cuts and scratches.
  9. Grab Those Accessories - We can't say it enough, the proper accessories can make or break your ride! Plan on budgeting $150 - $200 for your must have accessories. Again, your local shop guide can best suggest what you'll need to get going or read our helpful accessory guide here.
  11. Wear A Helmet - There really is no way around this, helmets save lives! We all know folks that are still with us due only to the fact that they were wearing their bike helmet in a crash and can live to tell about it. Buy one and wear it, don't let anyone tell you different!
  13. Be Visible - In today's world we are all distracted, whether in a car or on a bike at times. There have been great advancements in visibility clothing and bike lighting technologies. So, be sure to grab some blinky lights for the front and the rear of your bike as well as some bright clothing!
  15. Know The Rules - The rules of the road that is, check with your local state governments in order to get the ins and outs of your state's rules of the road for cyclists. Make sure you know you hand signals while making turns, this will help greatly for safety reasons as well as being lawful.  
  17. Be Self Sufficient - Nobody likes getting a call from a spouse or friend saying they have a flat tire or repair issue and need a lift. Do everyone a favor and learn how to change a flat tire as well as purchase the needed tools and inflation device to allow you to do the job. Also, be sure to check your tire pressure before every ride with a floor pump!
  19. Use Your Gears - Today's bicycles come geared to allow you to find the right amount of resistance that is comfortable for you. There is no need to push a super heavy gear that has you grunting with every pedal stroke. In fact pedaling with a faster rotation or cadence is better for your knees and body! Check out our helpful page on how to shift your bike.

So there you have it, our top ten tips for beginner cyclists. We hope you found it helpful!

If you have more questions in regards to beginner cycling training plans and nutrition as well as other bicycle related topics please check under the GUIDES tab in the main navigator above. 

We are constantly adding new content to better serve and educate our fellow riders.